About Us

Welcome to “Modern Group”  

The Modern Group began its work in 2000 represented in Modern Consulting Company, the Egyptian Consultation Company, and the Modern Accounting Bureau in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Future for Accounting & auditing in the United Arab Emirates.

The Group offers several advisory services relating to the accounts & bookkeeping, auditing & business management and preparation of feasibility studies, marketing, and translation and consulting in the field of intellectual property.

In addition, one of the Group Companies registered with the Labor Fund “Tamkeen” in the Kingdom of Bahrain as a consultant for the development of the small and medium projects.

The Group has highly efficient and experienced cadres registered as experts at the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Furthermore, there are a number of consultants highly qualified and has a practical experiences working with the Group as professional consultants in the various fields; commercial, industrial, scientific, and practical activities of the group.

To offer the best possible consultation and technical advisory services at a reasonable cost to our clients, by hiring a highly qualified and specialized teamwork to meet our clients’ requirements, to be always on top.

The Modern Group is considered as one of the superior companies in the fields of advisory services in the field of business management, feasibility studies, auditing & bookkeeping, accounting and intellectual property as well as translation, where it has advanced techniques combined under one roof.

The Companies & Offices of the Group are seeking constantly to be kept updated with the latest standards and technologies and utilize them to create a fast growth work environment to sustain the success of its clients and their businesses.

Now, our efforts are concentrated on providing the clients with the most advanced solutions by employing a wide network of experts and specialists to face all work challenges, especially in the light of today's high competition in the labor market.

We, in the Modern Group, keep in the top of our concerns, seeking always for serving our clients, through credibility in work and providing advice and useful services required for clients at the right time, and thus we are trying to get distinguished position among specialized advisory groups.

The Companies of the Group


the institutions working in the Kingdom of Bahrain:

- Modern Consulting Company.

- Egyptian Consulting Company.

- Modern Accounting Bureau.


institutions operating in the United Arab Emirates:

- The Future for Accounting & Auditing.